Much of the drug discovery space is focused on thinking about creating drugs to target the one element of a diseased cell that is broken. But a cell is only one part of a much bigger network. Arpeggio sees diseases as a system—a network of interconnected elements that can be treated with the discovery of molecules that fix the whole system, not just one part. The Arpeggio team approached Wunderdogs, where I work as senior designer, with the challenge of developing a new brand, visual identity and web platform.
I developed an identity that is based on the idea of scale and the ability to zoom in and out of cell networks, as well as the concept of emergent behaviour; where a complex entity has properties that its parts do not have independently, but emerge only when they interact as a wider whole. Through simple patterns that scale in size and structure, I designed a flexible visual language that connects with the technology and methods Arpeggio employ, as well as the needs of their audiences.

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