Chickp is an accountancy and finance team transformation business founded to deliver more than profit value for their clients.
Chickp helps businesses solve their accounting problems; whether that’s aiding directors to better understand and maintain their financial obligations, or bigger corporations to implement large-scale finance projects. The business is built on a passion for helping people, to simplify the complex world of accounting and to always operate with honesty and transparency.
The solution:
Research told us that clarity is what sets Chickp apart from their competition—from the way they explain their services, to their pricing structure and their general approach to business. We built on this, exploring the emotional benefits associated with clarity—trust, relief, calmness—and developed a straight-talking, minimal brand identity.
What was delivered:
Brand strategy
Visual identity
Social media campaign
Who I partnered with:
Dan Srokosz – Creative direction and design
Kendra Futcher – Copywriting
Dominika Scheibinger – Photography
MAMA Marketing – Social media
“We absolutely love it! We’ve had so many compliments and it definitely reflects our personality and vision for the company. Bravo!”
—Tessa Hebditch

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