The venture capital sector is a crowded one, with many firms seeking out the next game-changing opportunity. NGP Capital wanted to ensure they stood out, shifting their existing perception to something new, something brighter, that captured the energy and passion for technological change. Wunderdogs, where I work as a senior designer, were approached by NGP Capital to redefine their brand from the ground up, from strategic foundations to visual identity to digital execution.
Building off their investment thesis of converging worlds I designed an identity and graphic system of interlacing circles (humanity) and squares (technology) that exist throughout every asset. The system allows the creation of unique and ownable patterns and shapes that drive animation, set frames for photography and add texture to layouts and communication. The graphic system was paired with a bold, bright color palette and a strong simple typeface that adds energy and helps create a uniquely differentiated backdrop to brand and digital executions.
Winner of a 2023 Red Dot 'Brands and Communication Design' award.

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